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Default Re: Let's see your Gretsch kits (saved the best for last!)

Thank you for the kind words. I became interested in Renowns after all the comments I read here. Wandered down to the local drum shop and there they were. I planned to compare them to some other kits, but after playing them a couple of minutes, I just went to the salesman and said, "Don't wrap 'em...I'll wear 'em home." I've been gigging my Sonors in some tiny clubs lately, but I will take them to a larger club in about two weeks and let them rip. Not enough room on the stage to use the 14 and 16" toms, so the 14" stays in the closet for this gig. And it's just about two weeks before I pick a 1975 Rogers Londener V in Spanish Gold. The kit looks like it has never been played. Then I have to deal with the problem of having three kits in a very, very tiny flat. Guess I really don't need a couch, chair or tv anymore.
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