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Default Re: The Grand Master Buddy Rich

Originally Posted by Cymbalrider
I love his version of Bugle Call Rag. Norwegian Wood is probably one of my favorite songs too.

One thing I find amazing about him was his endurance. During his solos he almost never stopped playing something and yet continued to go on and was then able to come back in and finish the song just as strong.

His playing influences me today but I can't do any of it save for the little clicky stick thing but that's not that impressive except when he did it after one of those snare breaks.

DW is offering a Buddy Rich tribute kit (strange about the brand though I would have thought maybe Ludwig instead...). If I had the money I would buy it :)
Nothing beats the White Pearl wraps and that old look of cymbal mounts on the bass drum and a 24" bass drum 13", 16" toms.

I have yet to see anyone today play with the intensity and feeling that he put into his music. You can watch other great drummers play with the Buddy Rich Big Band but it's not the same.

It wasn't easy playing on that old Slingerland hardware either...unlike the Iron Cobras and such of today...
His endurance is AMAZING. Great, phenomenal stamina. Have you checked out Buddy's solo from 1970 featured in this very same web site? Fantastic speed control, precision and inventiveness... one even better than this (in a way) is the one dating from '78 that Buddy was playing in Holland (at least it says "Holland" on the background...). Without mentioning the classic "Channel one" peformance. There's no better rudiments' player than B.R. He's made some miracles with his old Ludwig hardware. Definitely. No tricks (except for the STICK trick... heh) just plain straight on genius. I also enjoy watching the following drummers play: Gene Krupa, Thomas Lang, Donati, Weckl, Colaiuta, Gadd, Chambers, Lionel Hampton, Bonham, Jojo Mayer (for the tricks) and John Blackwell... great solos, technique and overall musicianship. The créme de la créme. The elite. Speed, "tricks", "on beat", grooves, creativity, showmanship, these names give me it all (all there is to learn). Although exactly NONE of those had shown me a higher level of drum-mastering than Mr. Buddy Rich "did" - does!. And by this I mean the old-fashioned "all around" best drummer in the world.

pcmckay - I did. Breathtaking. From start to finish (It's one of those solos that I wish that could never have an end, just wanted to see it going forever... eternally, unidentifyedly).

Womble - There's no way Joe Morello could be faster than Rich. I've found exactly no documented (video) evidence of that. I've found just a couple of videos and, although he was great, he, by no means, showed a faster tempo than Rich. If at least you could show me (us) ? : )

- Ivo.

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