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Default Re: Jazz Crimes Brian Blade transcription. DIY backing track

Hey Pollyanna, glad you liked some of those tunes.. yeah I like the afro stuff too, but recently stopped playing with that band. I moved down to London and they're based in Scotland - just got too difficult trying to commute for gigs unfortunately. I'm listening to your band as writing this... currently on Summertime. Sounds fantastic - amazing groove and feel on the drums!! Certainly sounds like you have a long time to go yet before your bones give up :)

mediocrefunkybeat - I do think the overall aim is to come back to this piece later and try to replicate Brian Blade's feel as much as possible.. there's definitely a lot that can be learned from that. But yeah, that's a whole extra dimension to things just now.. took me long enough just to memorize the notes :) I like what you mean about confidence in ability when posting videos.. I think for me it's the opposite really, I knew it was a long way from perfect but there's a lot to be gained from posting something that's a work in progress to see what other people think. If anything just to get out in public and be really honest about what level we're all at and get useful advice on how to step up a notch.. and also to get my transcription out there so that hopefully that might inspire someone else to try it out too. It's a cringeworthy process having these things out online, but it's just nice to spark communication with other drummers and get feedback. These comments have been really helpful.

Keep-it-simple - thanks for your words and taking the time to comment... I'll try to get some more grit in the mix for next time :)

ps Pollyanna for Sunshine of Your Love is that just brushes on the snare? Sounds almost like there's a shaker or something layering it up... that the hi hat? Whatever it is, sounds great!
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