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Default Re: re-occurring dream

Originally Posted by Boom Boom Dah View Post
If that dream was trying to warn you about that future event it doesn't look like it work haha
Or maybe it did work? :)

I've had music dreams before but nothing memorable (or remembered).

The only dream I can remember in recent times was in March. It ended with me needing to get up for work and I was trying to check the time. Trouble was, I couldn't make head or tail of the digital clocks in the house ... it was as though the numbers were hieroglyphics. I wanted to check my mobile phone and couldn't find it. I started panicking because I couldn't tell if the clocks were really broken or if I'd gone mad and lost my ability to make sense of numbers.

Then the clock radio woke me up :)

It didn't tell me anything new - I've never been sure about my sanity MWUHAHAHA
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