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Default Re: Jazz Crimes Brian Blade transcription. DIY backing track

Caroline - that's cool. It's a very hard piece technically and then adding the 'Blade' is just a whole new level. It like being able to play The 'Revolutionary Etude' by Chopin and then playing it.

I do think you have a very refined touch though - which is refreshing, because it's so tempting to try and bash your way through the notes. I'm also glad that you have the confidence in your ability to actually put that video out there knowing there were a few small issues and that you're good enough to know what they are. So often, I don't see that.

I don't think you should try to copy Blade as such, but there's just a little spark missing. It doesn't have to be 'his' spark, but it just needs a little spice. Great playing though - like I say, you walk all over me.
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