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Default Re: Jazz Crimes Brian Blade transcription. DIY backing track

Hey guys, thanks for the comments. Haha - Yesdog, I think you actually have a good point about female drummers with posture.. although that said, I did notice while doing this video that I've got a tendency to slouch with my lower back so my hips stick forwards a bit. I'm starting to see the advantages of videoing your playing, otherwise these things would probably go unnoticed.

Mediocrefunkybeat - I entirely agree. I think after learning the piece and just practicing playing it, I've neglected the finer points of trying to get Brian Blade's power and dynamics when playing it. This is further exaggerated by not having drum mics to record, as the whole thing sounds quite flat and quiet even when I was trying to get some sense of dynamics in. I did focus on things like the spacing of the notes etc, but there's still much more to get out of this piece. I was in a rush to get this done to accompany the transcription as I'm off to Japan for three months from next week.. but it's definitely not ideal, and some of the fills are a bit ropey. That said, I think that's the best I could play this piece at this moment in time - I'll leave it for a bit, practice some other stuff, then hopefully come back to it later for another crack at it.

Thanks again Pollyanna for your kind words - I recently added my myspace page to my signature so hopefully it should come up below this text.. I've got a few recordings up from different bands which I've played with in the past, all pretty different genres. Hope you enjoy. So what's your posture like when you play then? Are you keeping up the reputation for us girls?? hehe

Take care everyone, Caroline
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