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Default Re: The Grand Master Buddy Rich

Thanks a lot AurelienPK and rjvsmb!. I'll definitely consider both suggestions. : ]

- About Buddy and speed, I think I've never seen anyone that fast for so long periods of time with so little effort being put on the drumset. Also think that Buddy is underrrated by some people because he played in an era of less high-tech equipment and using a basic Jazzistic drum set and basically only playin' (not always) Jazz oriented material (including the Jazz influence into his great solos - some of the best EVER, imo). If you disconsider the sound quality and the drum sets full of tom toms and triggers around, when it comes strictly to raw technique, speed, creativity when soloing and sheer showmanship, I really think that Buddy is still THE man (Could anybody prove I'm wrong? I'm dying for something as much - or more??? - daring/inspiring as Buddy's classic videos through the net!). : ]

- Ivo.

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