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Originally Posted by King Crimson View Post
Cozy and Phil Collins did some nice stuff on Robert Plants first solo project, "Pictures At Eleven."
One of the records I drummed when I was 18! Cozy toured England with Plant to promote that album that year (I think 84)

He was one of the greatest pros in the business, and those in the business who knew him, loved him. I know Graham Bonnet well, personally for about 25 years and he loved him and said him and Don Airey were his best bandmates, Ronnie Dio once told me he was the sweetest guy you could meet, and even Michael Schenker smiled broadly when I met him after a gig and mentioned Cozy to him. (Michael is not a big talker.) I miss him every time I hear those bass rolls following the snare snaps he did so well. His drums and his cymbals were B I G and his sound cut through and he SWUNG!

RIP Cozy!
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