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Default Re: Dream Theater's new drummer is MIKE MANGINI

New Modern Drummer interview excerpt:
Modern Drummer: Have you created a drumkit to fit the specific needs of Dream Theater?

Mangini: I showed up for Dream Theater ready for Dream Theater. Meaning the drumkit's core was designed years earlier, but I prepared a kit design with Dream Theater's music in mind, with Mike Portnoy's incredible drumming style in mind. My Dream Theater setup is designed for my left foot to be hitting a 26" bass drum. I'm playing totally lefty on a big bass drum. Mike had to get up off his stool and move to another stool to hit a 26" bass drum. He also had to get up and move to another kit to play a smaller bass drum. I have a 26" to my left, an 18" bass drum on my far right, and two 22" bass drums in the center of my kit.

Kit looks great. Let's all say a prayer for the new drum tech...
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