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Default Re: Worst Gig Experiences?

Originally Posted by aaajn View Post

This is awesome, very few people reading this will have a true visual of the places but I was there, maybe not at those shows but at the Fast Lane, Stone Pony, Asbury, all those towns.

Used to follow a band called Backstreets around. Was hammered out of my head at the bar and the piano kicked a drink onto my lap, fortunately I was too drunk to start a fight so the nice chap bought me another one.

I remember very little of that night or many of those nights. Great memories.
Wow, cool that you were there and remember that place, aaajn - even if the memory is tainted with a spilled beer. Asbury Park is in worse shape than ever now, from what I hear - I haven't been back since that show. Thanks for the memories!
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