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Default Re: Dream Theater's new drummer is MIKE MANGINI

Originally Posted by Bernhard View Post
So i completed the audition movies with Peter Wildoer and Aquiles Priester

Remember: Pete and Aquiles made it into the winning three - Mike taking the job.

Thank you soo much Bernhard for putting up the final videos with Aquiles and me! Means a lot to me to be presented on the worlds best drum page, Drummerworld!!! :-)

Originally Posted by Spreggy View Post
This is a very inspiring assemblage of videos, thanks Bernard! It was nice to see each player's story in the context of a huge audition: the top flight guys you'd expect to see, some faces I've never heard that just killed it, the personalities involved on both sides of the equation, what a great thing to watch as the process unfolded.

Try to calculate how many hours of practice, how many dollars in gear, how much unbridled commitment it took to make that whole event happen. 7 top players, putting all that on the line to work with a top flight band. Very humbling.
Very glad you enjoyed it "Spreggy"! I guess I might have been one of those faces you've never heard of? If so, thanks a lot! ;-)

Interesting view, yes there were lots and lots of time and effort put into this from everyone involved from booking flights/hotel up until the hours spent learning all the material etc... A huge project thinking of it that way.

Cheers and all the best my fellow drummers!
Peter Wildoer
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