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Originally Posted by kornslipknot
My advise to people is not to judge that band in a negative way just because of how they present themselfs. I did and i hated them at first, now they are one of my favourite bands.
Hey, chill out man. Entering the hard path of fame, you gotta realise that people will criticise you, and surely guys from Slipknot were aware of this fact. You can't be mad at people who disagree with your point of view. 'Joey Jordison is a good drummer' is not a fact! It's only an opinion, and everyone has the right to disagree with it.
To be honest with you, I think he's not a good drummer, and you know why? Because my determinant of a good drummer is other than, for example Yours. For me technique, good timing, and speed don't measure the actual skills of a drummer, because there's also something like groove, and this I can't hear in his playing. I realise though, that it's because I don't listen to such music, and for those who do it's totally different thing, and it's ok. I respect it! Don't treat it as starting of "1st JJ War", it's only my private opinion.
So be cool. I respect Joey's skills as a drummer, but for me they're just not enough.
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