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Default Re: Dream Theater's new drummer is MIKE MANGINI


an interview was posted by Drum! magazine with Mangigni about the audition process

A few choice highlights:

I think of this as wanting to be in a marriage, not a ’gig’ in the normal sense of that term.
With regard to my sound, I took time to examine what I sound like from outside of myself on the drum set via a video camera

I was just all business about it when I got the songs. I grabbed the nearest pencil and paper and got to work. I then bought these big pencils for kids with big erasers on them. [laughs] I wrote everything out. Then I listened to them at half speed; at 75 percent speed; at full speed; at 40 percent speed before even practicing them with the slow-downer software
The waiting part was awful in this Twilight Zone kind of way. I almost threw up between classes at Berklee – probably that was during Marco’s audition, as I know I what time he auditioned and that is the time I got ill. And I was really wrecked because I wanted it so badly.
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