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Default Re: Dream Theater's new drummer is MIKE MANGINI

Originally Posted by dairyairman View Post
i'll bet it's downright likely that his personality weighed in. they came right out and said they were looking for someone to be part of their "family". personality would have to be a big factor in that decision. he does seem like a great guy and that must have been a big check in the plus column for him.
Personality played a huge role, as it does in almost any audition.

Which is why the gig was Mangini's from day one.

He is from the Boston area, the band is based out of New York area, so they have the East Coast vibe connection, while everyone else lived further away.

Two of the current members of DT went to Berklee, Mangini teaches (er.. taught) at Berklee.

Mangini played on all but one of James LaBrie's solo projects (Peter Wildoer being on the most recent album).

They all knew each other through Steve Vai (John Petrucci having been on a few of the G3 tours with Vai).

There was already a friendship and bond between the band and Mangini before any of the auditions took place, and that was something the other 6 just did not have going for them.

Which as I said before, I'm almost surprised they even bothered with formal auditions and didn't just call him and say "hey, wanna be in a band?"
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