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Default Re: Dream Theater's new drummer is MIKE MANGINI

Ya reckn?? I thought prog was more of a Gen X thing - the post Yes, KC, ELP crowd (who probably like those bands too).

Before playing, at times the DT guitarist would say "Let's rock!". Robert Fripp, Bill Bruford, Fred Frith or Chris Cutler would never say "let's rock" before playing. I would pay good money to see Bob Fripp say "Let's rock!" before starting a tune lol

At heart, DT are a rock'n'roll band, just a very, very complex one with some classical devices. Same with metal generally. It's different to the old stuff but it feels the same to me as it did 40 years ago - just a bunch of fun-loving, long-haired louts making a racket to the best of their ability :)

Nothing wrong with that of course (apologies, Jerry Seinfeld) ... in my teens some of my best friends were fun-loving, long-haired louts who made a racket to the best of their ability ...

Some of the old bands were explorers and took risks - sometimes for the worst, but they were more interested in trying things out and (hopefully) taking the fans with them. That's where Thomas L and Virgil D didn't fit ... they could have just played the parts but they tossed some different ideas out there to see if they'd take. Those guys weren't going to join a band that wanted straight performances for the fans.

Pretty amazing, really ... you'd imagine those maniacal arrangements would be enough to keep anyone challenged!
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