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Default Re: Dream Theater's new drummer is MIKE MANGINI

Originally Posted by Sondy Pasteurisen View Post
Having seen the audition footage I have to say that Thomas Lang has gone up in my observations - especially after being dismissed out of hand by the gnome on keyboards for having 'interpreted' the music and that there was no place for that in DT. They take themselves so seriously, yet the music is a pubescent joke!
Well done to them all for letting the footage out, especially Roddy who failed 'Phase 3' (sheesh).
Having seen the epic pomposity of DT I feel a whole lot better about my own, erm, smaller pomposity. Who would want to be in that band?
Oh look, the "all prog and/or technical music is just pretentious wankery, and their members are equally pompous" argument. That hasn't been beaten to death or anything...

You should either keep comments like this to yourself or change your pompous opinion because just because you don't like it doesn't mean it is instantly self-indulgent. Keep it out of a thread like this especially...

My god, no matter where I go I hear this. It's sort of amusing and depressing simultaneously. I don't care how good of a musician you are, your opinion is NOT fact.
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