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Bigbang I don't agree with you. There are a lot of drummers out there that only play what the music calls for and you don't get to see their entire range or skill sets. Charlie Watts, Steve Smith and Phill Rudd are just a few. Phill keeps solid time and does not over play he fits in. Steve Smith in the Journey days played what the music required and so does Charlie Watts.

Watched a music video of the Stones and AC/DC (well Angus and Malcom) playing some R&B together. Well you could tell the dif in Charlie right away. He has an interest in Jazz so I have read and it showed. He was letting it "Swing" and sounded great. He was smiling ear to ear which you never see with the typical Stones songs....

Big Fills, Smoke, Fire, and acid rain are great but there is something about a drummer who lays down a solid groove that is crisp and clean (ie Rick Latham, or Purdie) that is the mark of a real pro IMHO....
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