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Originally Posted by Pimento View Post
I thought the playing was fantastic, i would have liked to see more where they didnt make you look like you were struggling. But if you know what you did enough to be that happy in the interview afterward it musnt have been that bad.

Also....i really dig your DW kit. Im working on ordering the same finish but with black hardware as soon as i find someone here thatll do it for me :D
Cheers man....yeah, I started wondering why they would have shown the 4 minutes of just hearing the riff.....and didn't show any of my actually playing that riff.....but, then I figured it out.
Any drummer that wasn't affiliated with RR records in some way....had a "flaw" presented with-in this doc.
They knew they wanted Mike before the Audition, Jordan and JP are doing a project with Marco and Peter plays with, that made a whole lot of sense to me actually.

I do know that a lot of what they wanted to put in of me playing (such as the songs and our jam) just sounded bad without the recorded, I understand not wanting to put much of that footage in there....from an editors point of view. (I do some video editing, I get it.)

Everyone of those drummers told me that the riff they showed them tripped them up for 5 why were Thomas, Virgil, Aquilles and I the only ones who were presented this way?

The DEE DUBS rule'll love em.

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