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Default Re: Dream Theater's new drummer is MIKE MANGINI

Originally Posted by Wildoer View Post
There's A LOT!!! My audition went on for almost four hours with being welcomed, setting up drums, warming up, jamming, playing through the three songs, the "test", interviews and small talk. Also Petrucci ordered the best Pizza in NYC according to him that we all enjoyed while talking.

We've only seen very little parts of what went on like Derek already wrote. I do hope more will be revealed in the future!!!
unare of your playing till this and im VERY impressed we will be hearing a lot from you SOON

Pete I was unaware of your playing before DOH
but after this audition WOW I knew the original 4 Mike,Virgil,Thomas and Marco could pull it off but you WERE great as well.
Ill be watching for more from you and i know the bands were watching you as well
All the best
God Bless
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