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Default Re: re-occurring dream

Originally Posted by uniongoon View Post
Does anyone have drummer dreams. For many years I had one dream over and over again. I would be preparing to count in the first song of the night, it is a large concert gig with a couple thousand people, something i am not a stranger to. I count in and as I go to crash the first note, I see all my cymbals are missing. My heart drops like one of those falling off a building dreams and I wake up.

Well 30 years later it kind of happened, got to a gig about 2 hours from home and or singer was re arranging the truck and forgot my cymbals. Luckily our bass players wife was about to leave to come see us and he had a set of B8's at home. Not great but they got me through the night.
I don't have dreams like that, but I often think on gig day that I've forgotten something or another, and start panicing a little bit. I double and triple check everything, but sometimes your brain doesn't always remember things....
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