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Default Re: Dream Theater's new drummer is MIKE MANGINI

Originally Posted by Swiss Matthias View Post
Delta, what do you base your assumptions? Did you see the MP-interview I gave a link a
page or so before in this thread? .
Yes, but I am basing it on having gone through it. :) I think when guys get to be Mike's age they reevaluate their life. I'm not saying that burn out and other factors are not the cause. I am just adding that it is possible that a lot of that has to do with where he is in his life. They are not mutually exclusive. Relentless touring and groupies are fun at 24. Not so fun at 44. when you have to choose between family and being a rock star, the wise man chooses the former.

BTW Wait 3 years Ian. :)

Originally Posted by Swiss Matthias View Post
I don't think this is true for the guys in DT, or for most of the new school, prog metal, musicians.
If anything, they tend to classical music I'd say. Jordan Rudess was at Julliard at age 9.
DT clearly go for intriguing composition, not improvisation in the sense that jazz musicians
work on and explore.
That is one of the interesting dichotomies here. While the old school guys often wanted to be jazz musicians and certainly grew up listening to swing, the new school guys grew up listening to the old school guys.
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