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Default Re: Dream Theater's new drummer is MIKE MANGINI

Interesting collection of audition videos. I did think it odd that Lang and Minneman were not selected based on criticisms of bringing too much "interpretation" to the music. I see that as a good thing; but if the band members want more of a Portnoy clone, that is their decision to make.

Mangini was definitely impressive: I think he and Minneman expressed the most energy in their playing along with killer chops. Mangini also seemed like a really personable guy.

As for Dream Theater in general, never really cared for them--that kind of prog rock always seemed to me to be a combination of pretension (like Rush on a really bad day) and Cheez Whiz. Don't get me wrong: all the players appear to have great chops, but most of the music leaves something to be really desired. Overboard technical displays can turn to boredom easily.
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