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Default Re: Being Talked Down To

There's worse 8-Mile ... I was going out with a man about 8 years older than me. We were on a bus and a girl offered him her seat *cringe*. At least not as bad as a woman I worked with returning distressed from a shop at lunchtime after a well-meaning shop assistant asked her when she was due ... she wasn't pregnant ... brutal.

I look a lot younger than I am (must be genetics, it can't be lifestyle ... not complaining) and it's not uncommon for people at work my own age or younger to patronise me, as though I'm a young 'un.

I especially dislike being told the bleeding obvious, as though I'm stupid and spent the last 50+ years staring into space with nothing in my head. When someone does that to me I automatically drop them an echelon in my internal status system.

I have no words of wisdom for you, Steel, because everyone hates being treated like a fool.
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