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Default Re: Being Talked Down To

I used to get really angry when I experienced that kind of thing when I was younger. I remember trying to buy something at a department store and they wouldn't accept my personal check. The reason they gave me was my check number was too low (I had just opened a new account and I was on check number 8 or something), but I knew if I had been a few years older, it wouldn't have been a problem.

Let me put it to you this way: There are advantages to getting older, but disadvantages, too. It hits you suddenly. I was at a grocery store once, strolling down the aisle when I noticed a very attractive young lady in probably her early 20s in the soup ailse. She was maybe 5'2" and she was struggling to reach a can on the top shelf. Now, I stand about 6'2" and I'm well accustomed to being asked to reach up high for things people shorter than me can't get to. The girl noticed me and I could see her about to ask me the question I knew was coming as I walked closer. Then, the words came from her lips...

"Excuse me, sir..."

I'd tell you the rest of what she said, but I can't remember. I pretty much stopped listening after that "sir." I gladly reached up to get the can for her and proceeded to go home and shoot myself.

Anyway, try to look on the bright side. Enjoy all the other stuff that goes with being young. You'll get old soon enough.
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