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Default Re: Dream Theater's new drummer is MIKE MANGINI

Originally Posted by Deltadrummer View Post
. Notice the age of these guys, all under 40.
Umm....not true. Most were in their 40's. Virgil is 52. Mangini is 48 himself.

As for Bozzio, I couldn't see it happening. At this point in his career, I doubt Bozzio's auditions for things, you hire him, or don't. And at age 60(!) he is quite a bit older than everyone else in DT.

And while Bozzio is a very humble person as a player, he is a shrewed businessman. He would want a guaranteed contract, and stipulations to cover himself financially if Portnoy came back, and such. Plus he's not much of a fan of learning a back catalog. Just no way would he work out. And as alluded to by others, I can't see him making that level of commitment to the band at this point in his career. And on an odd note, everyone in DT is happily married, Bozzio is twice divorced. In the end, he'd still lose out to Mangini.

But we could be here all day making a list of drummers who could have auditioned.
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