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Default Re: Help with Band Name

Originally Posted by ChipJohns View Post
Personally, I think that too much effort is put into a band name. just pick something obscure and run with it is my take.
Hi Chip (LTNS)

It's good if a band name gives people some idea of what they're about. In the late 70s/80s there was a band playing around Sydney called Cold Chisel.

A bunch of friends were checking the gig guide and someone asked what was on at the Lifesaver (Bondi Lifesaver was an iconic band venue - now gone, like all of Sydney's iconic venues).

"Some band called ... Cold Chisel"

"Cold Chisel? What kind of name is that? What's on at the Stagedoor?"

Cold Chisel eventually went on to become one of the biggest bands in the country ... but the name didn't help.

I've never seen a band name thread so quickly solved. But I love Back in Grey lol
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