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Default Re: Dream Theater's new drummer is MIKE MANGINI

Originally Posted by FourOnTheFloorTom View Post
One question though...Why wasn't Terry Bozzio invited to audition? That would have be incredible to see, and probably made sense for that music. Although...he would have been in full 'interpretative" mode all along!
Bozzio is going to audition. He's still setting up his set. I couldn't pass that one up. Notice the age of these guys, all under 40.

I think that people who don't get prog or are overly critical of it do not understand the satire in it. Many of these guys wanted to be jazz players, and of course Bruford has spoke at length about his love of jazz, esp Max, Morello and Art. Emerson loved Oscar Peterson and Dave Brubeck. But this was the music of their time. Overly dramatic? It's English music. If anything the English know their dramatics.

I can understand that people don't get the satire. I went to visit my folks the other day and joked about spending 3.99 to fill up. I said, "I could remember the good old days when I paid 3.83," which was what I paid the week before. They didn't get the humor, that someday, probably next week I'll wish I could have paid 3.99 a gallon. You can go through life explaining yourself; but that is no fun.

As Peter said, it would be nice to see more. A dvd with the best audition takes of what these seven had to offer would be great. I'd buy it.
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