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Default Re: Played with a Throne Butt Kicker for the First Time

Monday nights gig went off without a hitch. My Buttkicker thumped away and was only noticeable to our bass player besides me. He said he could feel it right through the floor.

I didn't mess too much with it once I got it turned up a little more after the first two songs.

I also played last night at my regular Friday night jam and everybody could feel it.

My kit is on about a 5' x 8" rug on a wooden floor in a large 34' x 34' upstairs room. A couple of friends that were out front listening said they could really hear my kick well.

Sort of funny when you think about it. I guess being able to feel the kick's low frequencies added a little to their perception of the kick sound.

The novelty of it hasn't worn off yet so I'm not sure what it will be like in a few months but I like the way I can monitor my kick playing now. It's actually quite helpful using the thump in the seat as an indicator of when I'm losing consistency in my strokes.

Since I'm triggering it, I've noticed that there could be some improvements. The Simmons trigger is not bad but I think higher quality or more sensitive triggers might offer more responsiveness. It also takes a little fiddling with the volume on the drum module so that you get the right level in conjunction with power levels from the amp.


Your description before as to how it creates a more intimate feel of your kick drum sound is spot on. I think it will also improve my playing too. I noticed a few times last night that I was dropping a few double strokes every once in a while when I did not intend to.
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