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Default Re: Dream Theater's new drummer is MIKE MANGINI

I spent some time with Derek Roddy last year at the Drum Road Trip in Upstate New York. So I was super excited for him to see that he got called into audition...if for no other reason than it would be a great boon for his reputation and hopefully lead him to other great opportunities. I was rooting for him.

His post here bear out some of the philosophies we spoke about in NY...about the BUSINESS of drumming. Yes, Dream Theater is an amazing gig for a Prog/Metal player. But at what cost to the other aspects of ones life?

I agree with Derrek that a cult band like DT isn't necessarily going to be the most lucrative move for some players. Why would a guy like Lang, who charges $800 a head for his drum camp and does well with his dvd's (and is a nicely paid hired gun) want to join a band and where he now has to take on the debt involved in being a member?? It had better be BIG $$ to take on the 'band member' role rather that 'the hired gun' role.

I know lots of guys who go on tour, come home in debt and to a family who barely recognizes them. It happens...

No one wants to end up like Richie his 60's and sick with no medical insurance.

My point is...there were many more factors to consider for the 7 auditionees other than "when does the tour start'?

From the looks of it, the DT guys have a stable small to medium size business going for them. By contrast, when Metallica hired Rob Trujillo, they gave him A MILLION DOLLARS UP FRONT. Now we are talking!

I did enjoy the audition vids...and thought every drummer played to their strengths. All of them were phenomenal. I would have loved to hear what Virgil or Lang came up with at more length, or to hear a more extreme take that Derrek or Peter could add to DT.

I am an old school Prog fan ...ELP, YES, FLOYD...but after watching this whole process I can see why the critics back then HATED prog. So pretensions and overly dramatic!! So it is no surprise that the DT have a lot of those same qualities. But they seem like nice guys to me.

But Derrek did make me proud!!

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