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Default Re: Dream Theater's new drummer is MIKE MANGINI

Originally Posted by DrumEatDrum View Post
He has. Everyone in DT are huge Dregs fans, and have done Dregs covers here and there.

And the kicker is, the (current) DT keyboardist, Jordan Rudness, was in the Dregs for a short time. Several members of DT have also done side projects with Rod Morgenstein.
Funny thing is that when I first heard the Dregs, I couldn't get passed the Mahavishnu meets Kansas style of the band. Throw in some Zep and southern charm . . .

Originally Posted by aydee View Post
Ken, thanks for an awesome thread. I thought I'd be the last person to participate, but its been so much more. Its been great to read the many different views on what was probably the most visible example of 'process' the drummers go thru at the top level of the music business.. almost like a watching & discussing the game from the dugout.

I'll take that, since I'm the guy who usually gets four posts on my threads, three of them mine. :)
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