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Default Re: Dream Theater's new drummer is MIKE MANGINI

Originally Posted by mattsmith View Post

Personally I've never gotten the whole DT thing. I just don't feel it and as said before if you want this original sound with a cool vibe let's revisit Dixie Dregs circa 1979-80. There was this one thing they did called I'm Freakin Out that seems to be the catalyst for so much of what DT is given credit for now. In fact I hope that over the past 20 or so odd years that Mike Portnoy took time to thank Rod Morgenstein for a whole lot of things..
He has. Everyone in DT are huge Dregs fans, and have done Dregs covers here and there.

And the kicker is, the (current) DT keyboardist, Jordan Rudness, was in the Dregs for a short time. Several members of DT have also done side projects with Rod Morgenstein.
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