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Ok this is my point and i am going off topic but anyway...

I used to see Slipknot as just a stupid, crap band because i judged them off their nine members and masks ect... Then one of my mates gave me their albums and i started listening to them. At first i didnt think much of it apart from the drumming, but after a while i realised how talented they really are. So now when i see someone saying Joey Jordinson is bad, when he obviously isnt, it is frustrating because i know that person has no idea.

Now im not saying you have to like the band obviously, everyone should have their own opinion. If you dislike Slikpknot then that is fine, but to say that they are bad or the drummer is bad whatever, is just crazy.

My advise to people is not to judge that band in a negative way just because of how they present themselfs. I did and i hated them at first, now they are one of my favourite bands.
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