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Default Re: Quitting Smoking

Originally Posted by Frost View Post
Any chance of you doing some Joe Cocker-esqe vocals?
I'm not sure what to make of this, is it humor or are you serious?
I do sing in my rock band and my 4 piece blues band.
I don't sing in this blues trio. The leader is a walking jukebox who has worked with some real heavies in the business. The guy can serve up hundreds of songs, words and all, from memory. He likes his drummers in the background, personality wise. I did sing once with that trio last year, and got some positive feedback from the crowd, but I picked up a vibe from the leader that I was stepping outside of my designated area. He didn't use me for 3 weeks afterwards, so now I just play drums and defer to the bandleader. He is an extremely talented man, I have to give him that. Playing with him is the highlight of my life.

Pol you're a scream, where DO you find these clips?
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