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Default Re: Dream Theater's new drummer is MIKE MANGINI

The interesting thing is that they did choose many of the uber players that are so criticized in drum forms, in feel v technique question. The BIG Four Lang, Mangini, Minnemann and Virgil. Here it was, a real forum for these guys to strut their stuff. And they were all phenomenal. And of course people complain. Does that surprise you? "Oh, I was left a little taken back by him saying this" all this pansy-assed shit. If you couldn't just sit back and enjoy this without getting critical I don't know what to say. I was glad that Aydee got into it. Not his music, but a real hoot, right Abe? This was a once in a lifetime event. You get to see these seven fine drummers vying for the spot.

People are always looking for some way to put down metal, some way to put down prog, some way to put down hip-hop. It's so easy to dismiss a genre of music. But you look at bands like DT and Spock's Beard with Neil Morse. These guys know their stuff. They are able to write in a myriad of hard rock, heavy metal or prog styles. They not only reference Dregs, but Zappa, Yes, ELP, Led Zep, Floyd, remember that one line, "let's do the Floyd number" as well as fusion bands like Mahavishnu, Dregs, Return to Forever, classic metal bands like Queensryche, Maiden, Metallica or Sabbath. They even have some U2 ish stuff. Doesn't everybody? Half these bands sound lie U2 these days. That's not to say they don't have their own style. But if you had been listening to a lot of Stockhausen, Pink Floyd may not have seen so unique. If you were listening to a lot of Chess, Led Zep wouldn't have seen so unique. Get my drift? It all comes from somewhere.
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