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Default Re: Dream Theater's new drummer is MIKE MANGINI

Originally Posted by mattsmith View Post
I also remain amazed at how people are always going on and on about this his style fits/doesn't fit stuff. Are these people really telling me that most of the guys seen here can't play any way they want if they put their minds to it? Believe it or not, it's not just Vinnie C. There are hundreds of great drummers capable of this skillset.
I agree with everything you said but this. Even Vinne (who is probably one of the if not the most versatile guys around) doesn't play any style of music absolutely authentically. Sure, he could jump in any band on the planet and sound great, but there might still be a difference between great and authentic. For example I believe he could play a samba / bossa nova gig or a afro-cuban gig and sound great, but very likely a guy from brazil or a guy from cuba would sound (and look which for a band like DT is probably important) more authentic.

Just like with the Rock/Jazz idiom. You don't let your hair grow and buy a double pedal because you want to be an authentic jazz musician. You do it because you want to be an authentic Rock musician and that is - if your good at it - what you will get called for. Easy as that if you ask me.

Certainly many hundrets of players are out there who could fit in any style or at least adapt to any style real fast (hell.... even I made it into a Reggae band once without and experience on that fiel beforehand and still get asked a lot of questions by some students on how to play that or that reggae beat) and the seven guys in these audition certainly would belong into this category, but when it comes to absolute authenticism you need a guy who loves the style music and breathes it in and out. You know.... I still believe that about 10000 drummers from Jamaica would outplay me in any Reggae band because these guys grow up listening to that music and drinking it up with their mothers milk. Not saying you couldn't learn it, but there is more to it than just the drumming. At least on the level we are talking here in this thread.
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