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Default Re: Dream Theater's new drummer is MIKE MANGINI

"Pete Wildoer you are a wonderful drummer. I think if there were any BIG winners from this whole thing it was you. Sure Mike got the gig, but he was already out there and capable of landing any number of things. Your ascension on the other hand comes off as something very cool. What a fantastic springboard. I can't imagine this not affecting you in a positive way. Geez you've got ridiculous skills and a whole lot of class. It's also great you're hanging around now and I hope you stick around past this little publicity surge.

As for Mangini, he decided he was going to get the gig, did the homework and got the gig...plain and simple. As for these bring your own style-not bring your own style discussions, I think its probably the wisest to do what's required to get the gig. Then once you have it and you get comfortable with the guys, then your own stuff gets in there.

I also remain amazed at how people are always going on and on about this his style fits/doesn't fit stuff. Are these people really telling me that most of the guys seen here can't play any way they want if they put their minds to it? Believe it or not, it's not just Vinnie C. There are hundreds of great drummers capable of this skillset. And Mike happens to be one of the best at it although I've remained perplexed about the kind of music that really moves him. To him I think DT is exactly where his heart is musically. But hey ...when you're a beast like that and can do so many things...more power to you.

I've seen some people already ragging on him for being overly happy about winning, But I just think that's what a superbly focused guy who sees life goals in terms of winning and losing does, whether it's DT, a Berklee appointment, WFD comps, or a game of cards. I think too many mistake that as some confused invasion of artistic principles when it's actually a whole lot more positive than that."

Well said Matt.
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