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Default Re: Dream Theater's new drummer is MIKE MANGINI

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
Yes, wall-to-wall hotshots at an audition like that. Was a bit miffed at the "greatest drummers in the world" tag, though. There's some jazz and session players out there who could lay a fair claim to "greatest drummer" IMO

I really liked Marco Minneman's use of the splashes. I liked his spot best but I don't think his kind of energy suited DT as much as Mike. I mean, they are way into the dramatics and Marco M is so light-hearted.

The top three chosen were the ones who stayed tightest in all the tests; the wicked riff threw a few of them. It's hard. My impression was that one little mess up and - bang! - you're out. Someone else nailed it. You could see it in the guitarist's reaction when they'd explain themselves after a mistake ... kind of yeah yeah sure. You really don't want someone saying yeah yeah sure to you in an audition.

Mike M had the drama, the connection with Mike P and a personality that seemed to meld better with the group than the others, based on the vids. Dare I say it, but I felt that him being North American - and one with a pre-existing relationship with the group - made it easier for the band to form that instant, easy connection with him on a personal level. They'll have all those shared experiences. With that advantage someone would have had to have blown him off the park to win IMO, and his performances were strong enough for someone to do better, but not blow him off the park ... maybe Vinnie or Billy Cobham, but they weren't there :)

Pol, interesting observations.

Mangini has known all these guys for years. If I was a jaded old, prune, I'd swear the whole thing was fixed from the beginning and this whole exercise was crisis and transition management, as well as leveraging a potential career ending circumstance, rather brilliantly.

'The auditions' managed to suck in people like me and many others, who are not into DT or that kind of music at all which says something about Its American Idol - like syndrome.. 'thrills chills & spills', drummerstyle.

Yesterday a drummer friend ( who likes DT ) said to me that he found these auditions rather demeaning.
.. taking some of these great players and making em jump through hoops, play curve balls and all, and televising it to the whole world wasn't classy.
A rather unique perspective, I thought.

I do believe though that these auditions will also work in favor of the careers all the other 6 drummers in the long run. No such thing as bad publicity. Specially for drummers.


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