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Default Re: Dream Theater's new drummer

Originally Posted by aydee View Post

Great job Peter, you were incredible!


Me too. They'll make him play like Portnoy though so it'll even out. Mangini, Portnoy, no difference..

Agree with both of these sentiments, but especially regarding Peter.

Peter, if you can accept this comment from a lowly bin basher such as me, I liked your style above all the others, not because of your abilities, but because what I think you'd have brought to the music. I'm not a DT fan, although I do like some of their stuff. To me, your playing injected the organic musicality that much DT stuff so desparately needs, IMHO. Either way you cut it, you performed the whole process with dignity. I'm not a fan of your main focus genre especially, but I'm certainly a fan of you. Nice job man, really nice job!
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