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Hey everyone!

Hope you guys will like the last episode. Regardless of what everybody thinks of this "documentary" I myself have enjoyed it A LOT!!! Sure some parts are overly dramatic but I think it's entertaining. Also personally I've enjoyed every second of watching the other drummers audition since I'm a huge fan of all of them!

I always tell my students how great the drumming community is and that everybody help each other out and share their drumming knowledge. It just makes me a bit sad to see some bashers that have to complain. Then, don't watch! Let's keep the drumming community free from the hater like Youtube people. We just have to face the fact that each and everyone are allowed to have their own taste!

Derek, soo cool of you posting, great to see your point! Keep on inspiring all these drummers out there!!! Loved your playing on "The spirit carries on"! :)

50 minutes.... :)

Peter Wildoer
I agree with you completely. This is all good entertaining fun. None of the drummers were hurt during the making of this tryout. :) Drumming is supposed to be fun. If you can make money doing it than all the more power to you. Most of us can't. Not real money anyways. Lets all agree to disagree on stuff. It is not worth going as far as hurting someones feelings over. I need to remember this personally. I can be very opinionated at times. :)
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