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Default Re: Dream Theater's new drummer

Originally Posted by mattsmith View Post
Not just Mike...Minneman was also briefly in it. He's still ranked 25th. Lange had serious thoughts too...bought the Drumometer and everything. Back in the day a bunch of the top technicians were involved. But that was another time.
I didn't know that about Minnemann, though excessive speed is not his thing. But when he does those poly-rhythms that is another story. He really composes solos for the drum set like he's writing a piece of classical music. I guess he's German after all. Now if you're going to tell me he improvises those things, I really be impressed.:)

Originally Posted by aydee View Post
I found that odd too.

On the one hand they are looking for a new drummer, a new family member, and on the other, they want the drummer who sounds like Portnoy the most.

Mangini happens to come closest to the requirement so far ( imo ) , but when they talked about Lang & Vigil doing some interpretation, which I foolishly thought was a good thing, they made it sound like a negative.

I thought all music was interpretive. Even classical, which is interpreted by a conductor. Obviously I don't understand this genre.

That is the thing that I grew weary of with prog, and then a really found jazz. Many of the progressive rock bands prided themselves on improvisation. But by and large, if you had heard their latest live album, or heard them on the King Biscuit Flower Hour, the upcoming show did not differentiate much. So maybe you're giving us a little insight into why Mike Portnoy is a bit tired. His creative mind needs to be kept flowing in new directions.

These guys are not getting any younger. Jordan Rudess is in his mid-50s, and it seems that they have some new ideas that can't wait. Five years in the life of a singer pushing 50 is a lifetime. You see guys doing this in their 60s; but when you talking about heavy metal singing, it's something best left for the young with a few exceptions here and there.
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