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Default Re: Dream Theater's new drummer

Originally Posted by Bernhard View Post
So i posted the Audition Videos on Drummerworld:

My guess: after seeing all these overskilled drummers - judged by laymen - what a shame - and to satisfy all the airdrummers out there, who want the original licks: Mike Portnoy gives a comeback finally very soon...


I found that odd too.

On the one hand they are looking for a new drummer, a new family member, and on the other, they want the drummer who sounds like Portnoy the most.

Mangini happens to come closest to the requirement so far ( imo ) , but when they talked about Lanf & Vigril doing some interpretation, which I foolishly thought was a good thing, they made it sound like a negative.

I thought all music was interpretive. Even classical, which is interpreted by a conductor. Obviously I dont understand this genre.

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