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I haven't gotten a game for my wii in a while, and I think I might get a new game. There's only been about 5 titles that I've really liked for the wii. Monster hunter tri was a big disappointment for me, as was twilight princess, and the conduit.

Anyway there's a few that I had in mind...

Metroid Prime Trilogy. I played through corruption, one of my favoite games of all time. I kinda want to get trilogy just for metroid 1 and the multiplayer on echoes.

Donkey Kong Country Returns. I've always loved platformers, and loved the first donkey kong country. Looks challenging too, should be some good fun.

Sin & punishment: star sucessor. Im usually not a fan of rail type shooters, but this one actually looked really good. Its not really a rail either considering you can move your character. I heard it was very hard though, and im not very good at rail shooters so a bit worried there.

Super Paper Mario. Never got a chance to play this, looks like a cool idea, but looks a bit slow paced, and too repetetive.

Goldeneye 007. Remake of the original goldeneye 13 years ago. Looks great, a lengthy story mode and online multiplayer.

Red steel 2. I was hesitant to get this because i heard about control issues, and no split screen like the first red steel though. Reconsidering though, because ive always liked the red steel series.

Anyone played any of these 6? Which should i get?
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