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Default Re: Dream Theater's new drummer

@ Derek: holy crap man, 100 snakes? And they are phytons, so I (ignorantly) assume they are not venomous, so again I (ignorantly) assume you don't use them for anti-venom, out of curiosity, how the heck do you make money with these snakes? (just plainly curious)

@ everyone else: did you guys see the part where Petrucci said he went on Forums to find out about drummers, and that's how he found Land, and others, etc? I thought these guys, being the the kick ass musicians that they are, touring around the world, etc, they would know all about all the best drummers out there. But no, they had to do what any mortal would do, like myself when I started drumming 6 months ago: come in here and hear all about Thomas Lang, JoJo mayer, etc.

Speaking of that, chances are Petrucci was on this very site, reading your very words, and our very threads about what we thought went down when Portnoy left, and who we thought should replace him. THAT'S A TRIP!!!!!!
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