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Default Re: Any Alabama, Georgia folks?.......are you ok?

I live in Winfield, Alabama about 40 miles north of Tuscaloosa and 60 miles west of Birmingham.

Me and my family are ok. We had a couple of tornados to pass through. We got some damage here but nothing compared to the surrounding communities. Hackleburg, Al is a town just north of me about 10 miles and it was leveled with over 30 dead. Smithville, MS is maybe 30 miles from me and it is gone with over 78 dead. Last count i heard in Tuscaloosa over 40 dead and most of the town is leveled. Alot of people is still missing includeing a 5yr old girl that was sucked out of her house. I'm in Marion County and in some places here it looks like someone dropped a bomb. It so sad. There are still about 300,000 in Al without power. Fatalities is up to 158 statewide and it's expected to get higher. We had no power for almost 14 hours but it came back on this morning.

I lost some good friends and neighbors yesturday. It's going to take some time to let this pass. Please keep everyone down here in your thought's and prayers. Later guy's!

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