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Default Re: Dream Theater's new drummer

Originally Posted by mattsmith View Post
Although I've never been able to feel the whole Prog scene and prefer a different kind of drummer who specializes in something else...geez the technique shown by these guys is ridiculous. As far as seeing them in your head as players I found this last episode especially enlightening.

Mostly I was caught by the reference made by Petrucci that they picked up on interest in Lange from forums. I've always felt that more people read these things than care to admit.

Prog, man you had to be there. But it is good ole fun . . .

I've been out and about and had people refer to something I posted here or respond as though I should know what they're talking about because I posted it here. Not that I ever say or do anything controversial or that could get me in trouble. People complain about WFD, but here you have Mike competing for one of the hottest thrones around. These guys grew up near me. Last time I saw MP, we had a talk about growing up on LI. So if I ever wanted in, all I would have had to do was beat Mike Mangini, Marco Minnemann, Derek and the host of drummers for this gig. That would burst your bubble quick.
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