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Default Re: Dream Theater's new drummer

Cheers everyone....and thanks for the props and kind words.

Originally Posted by LinearDrummer View Post
That vid kinda made it seem like you got confused with some of their riffs.

Im glad you felt good about your playing, cause that tells me you know there was some cool stuff going on that wasn't shown in those clips.

Your a great player with a very cool vibe...keep doin whatcha doin!
Thanks brother

I mean...some of it was confusing....not the first time any of us have gotten something like this. Thing was.... that it was confusing for a few minutes.... and then you get it and move on.

What they didn't show (from all of the drummers) and, I knew they wouldn't....

Was when us drummers threw out some complex and confusing stuff to see what THEY would do with it.
In my case.... I threw out a layered rhythm (2 over 3) and not a one of them had any idea what to do with it. Haha.

But, you know they aren't going to show that! Haha.

Originally Posted by Timekeep69 View Post
Snakes? We need to talk! :)

I've wittled my snake collection down but still love them!

Can I PM ya?
Yeah man, hit me up.

I keep mostly Black Headed Pythons, Womas and Carpet Pythons.
Fun stuff.
You can see my snake site here.....

Originally Posted by SickRick View Post
Hey Derek,

if you are reading this: Just watched the episode with you playing and I thought that you seemed straight out as a real nice guy. I felt that you were not making this a real big competition, you just came out for the fun which I thought was a real cool attitude.

Reading your posts about drumming not even making half of your income and being satisfied with your life (or: not wanting to change your life because you like it) I thought that was really cool.
Cheers man....yeah for me, it was about going in and being honest (I flat out told those guys it would be a stretch for me to do because of my other "hobby" (snakes)
I'm very happy with things in my world and for me to consider that gig...I would have had to sacrificed a lot.

I am extremely honored that they asked and thought of me though. As a drummer, what more could you ask for?

Originally Posted by aydee View Post


I completely missed the fact that your section was all camera audio which, by comparison to others seemed to lack punch but now thankfully a clarification has been added on to the video.

Its seems unfair and contrived that the Reality TV mindset of producers needs to artificially created drama and intrigue to fit into their script even if none exists. They kinda seemed to want to tell their own little story about your audition.

Having spent some time with TV commercials and programming, I know how ridiculously easy it is to tell two completely different stories with the same footage.

For the record, I think besides other things, you are one of the grooviest extreme metal drummers and I really liked the way to handled the audition from your point of view.

Again, thanks.

Drums are so much damn fun. So happy that playing has lead me to so many cool things and people.
Wouldn't trade any of it for the world.

When I get a moment to sit down....I'll put together a timeline of events, etc and recount of my experience.
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