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Originally Posted by eddiehimself View Post
I was going to buy a PS3 earlier in the year. Glad i didn't now...
I'd still buy one, the dust will settle and I have faith that things will return to normal better then ever. Sony is a huge company, one that doesn't just produce games consoles, the upcoming NGP alone in the Japanese market is guaranteed to fill the coffers and cover the compensation over the debacle. It's a fantastic console with fantastic games, the fact PSN was compromised doesn't change that. The same thing will happen to Steam or XBLA at some point, it just happened to hit PSN first. We're moving into a digital age and it has issues, these services didn't exist five years ago. After saying that, I'm still very angry that it has and I'm in no way sucking at the teat of the big corporation. I'll gladly take my pound of flesh if it is due.
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