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Default Re: Dream Theater's new drummer

Although I've never been able to feel the whole Prog scene and prefer a different kind of drummer who specializes in something else...geez the technique shown by these guys is ridiculous. As far as seeing them in your head as players I found this last episode especially enlightening.

Mostly I was caught by the reference made by Petrucci that they picked up on interest in Lange from forums. I've always felt that more people read these things than care to admit.

And Derek yeah, I think the audio issue was a shame because it cut down on your face time seeing as how some goofy editor then believed he had to reformat reality /in a reality show/ to help cover the fact that their own technical standards weren't up to spec during your segment. Covering their own mistake then created the undesired result of the casual observer possibly believing you were in one minute and out the next...when in fact (as you say) you did 3 solid hours. Doing a weekly TV show we go through this garbage all the time where some of our better things sound bad and are edited out...But what we do is nothing on the level of the production you see on this DT thing, which to me makes the audio influenced equal representation issue all the more disappointing.

Still we all knew they had to show your blast beats regardless...and that all came out big time... camera audio and all.
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