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Default Re: Bands you're embarrased to say you like...

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
Everyone who says "Nawww, I'm not embarrassed by any band I like!" hasn't mentioned a single dorky band that they like. Not one.

Funny thing that ...

Methinks the laddies protesteth too much.

C'mon ya dorks, tell us about yer love for Gaga and Beiber ... promise we won't laugh :-P
I tried but I quite honestly don't like any of that kind of music. I'd freely admit it if I did.

Actually, I suppose Disturbed, I listen to them now and then out of nostalgia, I'm not really embarrassed by it, they make the kind of hard rock music that makes a great backdrop for playing games. I wouldn't sit down and critique it, it's fairly bland.
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