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Originally Posted by Derek Roddy View Post
Not at all....actually it was quite the opposite. I was really comfortable around them and with the "process".

The whole thing with all us guys audition footage're seeing 5 minutes (of what some editor thinks.... is creating "drama" for reality TV)
What you didn't see are the 2 hours and 55 minutes of kick ass jams, tunes played exact, etc......

Another thing that needs to be considered in my case is.....
I auditioned for DT because I was asked.......not because I wanted to be the new DT drummer.
Too much commitment for me to stop what I have going on in my life.
I have a snake collection (over 100 animals) that has generated more income than DT would be able to pay me.

This drum thing is fun and all but, it doesn't make up even half of my yearly income.
For me to consider that gig....meant I had to move out of a really big passion (and security) to do something......I've done already (touring) and am doing still through education and my own projects.

One of the questioned asked by RR was "how would getting this gig change your life"

My answer was....."I'm not looking to change my life."

I am glad you had fun with it. It is also good to see you know what you want and need. Good luck with the snakes. :( :)
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